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Hear what our customers have to say

Using Milestones PM+ has increased the
functionality of our implementation teams substantially...

"The App itself is great. Beautiful Gantt Chart, Easy Project creation, Monitoring tasks are great. We originally were tempted to go with the unmanaged package but went with the managed PM+ instead because of the increase in functionality...Both my business analyst and I ...trained our teams with no issues.”

Lifesaver for the Solo Admin...

"I use Milestones PM+ to manage all system administrator related projects. As we are an expanding org working on both major and mid-scale integrations, I appreciate the ease with which I can set up a project and track tasks and milestones. The application is pretty flexible; I can go into the level of detail I need for the particular project, and it's easy to view upcoming due dates and other information in reports. I would highly recommend this app for any PM, but especially those who work on implementation projects."

Milestones PM+ Features
  • Free, Customizable Salesforce Project Management
  • Easily Upgraded
  • Extensible via our Add-Ons (Rollup Helper, Lookup Helper)
  • Unlimited Users per Org
  • Create Projects from Templates:
    • Automatically from any object in Salesforce*
    • Through Import Template functionality

*Subject to current Salesforce limitations. Contact us If you have specific questions on how these limits may affect your usage of our applications in Professional Edition or Group Edition.